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Executive team

  • Tony Boutelle
    President & CEO
  • Bob Child
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Phil DuPree
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Neetu Bhagat
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brian Hendricks
    Chief Product Officer
  • Jeff Shood
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Erin Wilson
    General Counsel
  • Laurel Levine
    Chief People and Engagement Officer

Board members

  • Erin Mendez
    President & CEO, Patelco Credit Union
  • Bob McKay
    Vice Chairperson
    President & CEO, Together Credit Union
  • Todd Marksberry
    Secretary & Treasurer
    President & CEO, Canvas Credit Union
  • Ron Neumann
    President & CEO, Oregon Community Credit Union
  • Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott
    President & CEO, Vantage West Credit Union
  • Bill Cheney
    President & CEO, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
  • Thayne Shaffer
    Director, President & CEO, America First Credit Union
  • Steph Sherrodd
    President & CEO, Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
  • Kim Sponem
    President & CEO, Summit Credit Union
  • Don Clark
    Associate Director
    President & CEO, Sound Credit Union
  • Karen Roch
    Associate Director
    President & CEO, Credit Union West