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AI-Automated Underwriting

Experience smarter, faster underwriting with seamless AI integration

Automate your lending with a new level of confidence with Origence arc OS and Zest AI.

A fully integrated solution for AI-automated lending

Leverage a best-in-class decision engine—arc OS decision—and seamlessly integrate with Zest AI, to unlock the most advanced risk prediction and borrower evaluation tools available to credit unions.

Smarter lending decisions

Increase approval rates while mitigating risk, thanks to advanced AI capabilities.

Automated decisioning
Automate your underwriting decisions confidently with models that are tailored to your specific products and validated against your performance data.
Powerful, inclusive models
Zest AI offers models that are not only effective but also focus on inclusivity and compliance, adhering to fair lending practices.
Complete AI solution

Offer a comprehensive AI package uniquely tailored for transparent and equitable credit decisions.


Zest Auto: AI underwriting for indirect auto lending

Zest Auto offers credit unions AI-automated decisioning for faster, fairer and more accurate decisions, while approving more loans. With a seamless integration with Origence arc, Zest Auto is the easy and cost-effective way to tap into the power of AI technology.
Make smarter decisions

Lend confidently down the credit spectrum, underwrite thin files, and achieve better risk ranking, especially in middle tiers.

Deliver inclusive access to credit
The Zest Auto model is optimized to improve both accuracy and fairness, increasing approvals for more members.
Be more efficient

Reduce manual reviews, be more competitive, and delight your members with fast decisions.

Zest Auto in action

20% increase*
Accelerate loan growth

*Up to 20% increase in auto loan approvals

Drive operational efficiency

Auto-decision >50% of applications

Serve more members

With better accuracy and insights, you can confidently serve more members

Accessible, affordable, and comprehensive – designed specifically for credit unions

Simple set up

Zest Auto integrates seamlessly “out-of-the-box” with Origence 
arc OS. No IT lift or learning curve is required.

Compliant and transparent

ZestAuto provides credit unions with comprehensive Model Risk Management (MRM) documentation and Fair Lending reporting.

See your members, not just numbers

View members holistically using a competitive alternative to traditional scoring models that leverages machine learning.


Zest Auto is the only AI solution offered exclusively by two Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO)— Origence and Zest AI.

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