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Document Processing Automation

Accelerate indirect loan processing for faster funding

Leverage machine learning and AI for lightning-fast document processing, verifications, and lending package delivery.

Document procession automation
powered by Informed.IQ

Increase staff efficiency

Empower your staff by letting them focus on high-value tasks, enabling them to manage volume spikes and enhance overall productivity.

Scale resources

Manage fluctuating loan volumes and scale quickly, reducing costs and negating the need for extensive manual labor and resource allocation.

Catch errors quicker

Ensure consistency in loan processing through uniform document and data evaluation, ensuring early detection of errors in loan packages.

How document processing automation works

Document Processing Automation Workflow

Total elapsed cycle time of a few minutes when fully optimized

Build strong dealer relationships

Credit unions thrive on solid connections with local auto dealerships—a key avenue for loan and member growth. Document processing automation can enhance these partnerships by streamlining loan funding operations. Here’s how:

Faster dealer funding

By automating initial processing and validations, DPA reduces response times for missing documents and speeds up funding to dealers.

Reliable and quick funding

Getting funded quickly is the #1 priority for dealers when working with credit unions. With DPA, you’ll have the tools to deliver the results dealers are counting on.

Enhance your fraud protection

Detect a falsified pay stub with 99.8% accuracy

DPA adds another layer of protection from fraud by evaluating paystubs and pay statements against a database of known fraudulent documents, including those accumulated from the Dark Web.

Modernize your indirect lending operations

Transform your back-office operations using our AI-driven document processing automation.

Lender-specific document name aliasing

Custom document order

Over 100 Indirect auto lending specific document types recognized

Funding rule evaluation results summary

Informed.IQ in action


8% of all U.S. auto loans are processed through Informed.IQ APIs


$110 billion has been originated with Informed.IQ’s automation

6 of 10

6 of the top 10 auto lenders trust Informed.IQ’s technology

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