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Lending Services

Outsource to optimize your lending

Process loans quickly and at all times with a trusted outsourced loan processing partner.
Origence Lending Services

Give your lending a lift

Leverage the power of our people, technology, services, and credit union expertise to improve the speed of processing and funding. With an ability to provide loan processing six days a week and underwriting 24/7, 361 days a year, you’ll deliver a better member experience and enjoy next-level productivity. 

Manage rising costs
Extend your in-house team
Deliver better experiences
Increase productivity
Scale operations anytime
Streamline processes

Full-service loan processing

Go from catching up to getting ahead of your loan processing.  Expand your in-house team’s bandwidth and add sought-after skillsets. We’ll implement fine-tuned processes to provide you with fast, reliable origination and funding. Between our in-house experts and document processing powered by AI, we can increase accuracy while taking mundane tasks off your shoulders.

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Loan underwriting services

Leverage our team of seasoned underwriters to bring expertise to your consumer loan underwriting and provide the support top-tier underwriting demands. We tailor our services to align with your policies and guidelines, ensuring a perfect fit. Whether you need full-time assistance, support during overflow periods, or occasional help, we offer the flexible, high standard underwriting you need to operate with confidence and precision.

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Digital document services

Process loans faster than ever with our AI-driven automated document services. Processing is quick, accurate, and virtually effortless. You retain ultimate control to scan, classify, sort and stack your documents. Machine learning frees our team members to focus on what they do best: identify, report, and track down anything missing on your behalf. In turn, you can focus on developing new capabilities to pursue new opportunities.

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Call center services

Cut down on the tedious back-and-forth phone calls traditionally associated with underwriting. Our call center staff can take care of those calls, freeing your staff to focus on core competencies. Plus, our call centers are open after hours and on weekends for better member service.

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Capture top-of-funnel lending opportunities. Together.

FI Connect is dedicated to keeping credit unions top of mind in today’s consumer lending marketplace. By being present in top of funnel finance channels offered by OEMs, dealers, and online marketplaces where financing is available, FI Connect is blazing a trail for credit unions.

FI Connect sources and originates consumer loans for credit unions across the United States. Through our credit union partnerships, FI Connect offers favorable terms and reaches more members, giving credit unions a competitive edge in new and emerging channels.

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Expand your auto and consumer loan portfolio
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Partner with a CUSO
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Access new lending channels
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Maintain consumer relevancy

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Learn more about growing and modernizing your lending operations.

Optimize your credit union’s lending and maximize performance

Lending optimization for credit unions:
Strategies for success with Origence Lending Services

June 6 | 11:00 a.m. PT

Discover key strategies credit union lenders are useing to reduce operational costs, scale processes to meet evolving operational needs, and enhance the member experience.