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Member Experience

Deliver a personalized member experience across all touchpoints

Members can effortlessly apply for loans and open deposit accounts—and prospective members can join your credit union—online, anytime.

A member-first digital experience with Origence arc DX

Transform your digital ecosystem

Employ our online banking and core integrations for a seamless digital account opening and consumer lending experience.

Enable an end-to- end experience

Members can apply, finalize loans and deposit accounts, satisfy stipulations, and e-sign all on a single platform.

Personalize lending with a click

Leverage application prefills with host banking, core, and 3rd party database integrations.

Be everywhere, all at once

Offer your members a true omni-channel solution with online, SMS, and in-branch services that stay consistent through the experience.

UI element of application pre-fill with headshots of a man and a woman

For every step of the digital journey

Applying for a loan or opening an account is only the first step. From preapprovals and account openings to prefilling forms and online signatures, arc DX speeds members toward their goals the moment an application is submitted. Features include:
  • Status updates, reviews and notifications
  • Upload documents
  • Real-time decisioning
  • Embedded eSign functionality
  • Integrated same-session account funding
  • Personalized cross-sell capabilities
arc os + arc dx

In perfect harmony with arc OS origination

Origence arc DX integrates seamlessly with Origence arc OS for a true end-to-end origination platform that covers the entire member origination journey. Featuring automated underwriting, drag and drop workflow configurability, an AI-driven decision engine, and a deep library of modern integrations, arc OS brings everything together in a powerful single platform origination solution.

Anywhere, anytime online applications

Extend your lending and deposit account services online, while maintaining complete control over your online applications with brand-configurable capabilities.

  • Versatile across multiple devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile
  • Optimized for mobile responsiveness on major browsers
  • White-labelled to manage your brand, voice, and tone
  • Customizable application templates and content editors
  • Streamlined with integrated pre-fill and single sign-on options
  • Differentiated new member vs. existing member experiences to optimize efficiency
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Digital deposit account opening

No paper, no manual entry, and no overhead costs

We’ve integrated digital account opening, membership applications, and consumer lending origination all within the arc DX experience. It’s your reliable solution to onboarding with no paper, no manual entry, and no overhead costs.


High accuracy and immediate results

Identity verification and fraud protection are carefully supported through third-party integrations to ensure the highest quality of accuracy while providing immediate results. Including but not limited to: Equifax Instatouch, Experian’s precise ID® (out-of-wallet questions), FIS Decision Solutions (QualiFile, ID Verification, OFAC), as well as SWBC’s Electronic CashManagement (ACH transactions and credit/debit card funding).

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