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Loan Origination

Originate loans and accounts on a single platform

Transform the lending journey for your members and staff, from application to closing—and every step in-between.
Origination System

Stay ahead of the curve with Origence arc OS

Origence arc OS is the loan and account origination system that creates ongoing value as you add teams, add members, and create exciting new offerings to engage them. Origence arc OS gives members the digital lending experience they want—and gives your credit union the behind-the-scenes control to make it happen.

Faster and more efficient lending

Best-in-class decision engine
Tap into the power of our robust decision engine—featuring 1,800 variables— to automate and optimize your underwriting.
Next generation automation & AI
Leverage AI and automation across your lending operations to reduce friction and increase lending productivity.

Empower your team with low-code automated workflows

  • Low-code workflow automation to easily scale and adjust workflows without IT or engineering support
  • Efficiently manage your team and process with role-based queues that assign tasks based on set roles
  • Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration with the ability to have multiple team members viewing loan apps at once
  • Set up a custom workflow with rules, tasks, and stipulations that reflect your business processes

Credit union success stories

snapshots: Patelco Credit Union, TelComm Credit Union, Truity Credit Union

Hear leaders of TelComm Credit Union, Patelco Credit Union, and Truity Credit Union share how their teams leverage faster decision-making, enhanced workflows, seamless origination, and streamlined underwriting with Origence arc OS.

Southland Credit Union testimonial video thumbnail
Southland Credit Union

Hear Leonard Salazar, AVP of consumer and indirect lending of Southland Credit Union, highlight key decision factors that led to a successful partnership with Origence. Learn more about Origence’s digital solutions designed to advance today’s leading credit unions.

Origence arc DX

Deliver a true digital experience

Offer a modern member experience with Origence arc DX: the perfect digital companion for Origence arc OS
Modern digital operations
Enable members to apply, finalize loans and deposit accounts, satisfy stipulations, and e-sign—all online via mobile device, desktop, laptop or tablet.
Integrated platforms
Bring your loan origination, deposit account opening, online banking, and core systems together for a digital-first experience.
Layered fraud mitigation
Keep your members and credit union safe with layered fraud solutions and integrations.
A man and woman look at an iPad

The all-in-one origination solution that grows with your needs

Multiple loan and account types

Open new accounts and originate consumer loans and HELOCs on a single platform.

Deep network of partners & integrations

Tap into rich integrations with market-leading host providers, credit bureaus, fraud providers, eSignature solutions, and more.

A man sitting in a car using a smart phone with a UI overlay

Popular loan type features

Here’s an overview of just a few of the key features for our most popular loan types.

  • Completely redesigned HMDA support including downloadable LAR report
  • Fully integrated flood and AVM services
  • New digital experience allows the member to enter demographic, property, and lien information from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Real-time valuations on autos, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and watercraft
  • Seamless integration with CarFax for title history
  • Quote and retrieve agreements from top GAP and warranty providers
  • Leasing support through integration with CULA
  • Integrated with major host and credit card servicing systems
  • Create accounts and order cards
  • Supports instant issuance & balance transfers
  • Create a variety of personal loan types
  • Include recurring payment skips, balloon loans, teaser interest rates, and more
Account opening

Powerful deposit account opening built in

Open new membership accounts online, in less than 6 minutes.

Integrated loan & account membership experience

Fully digital via mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet

Layered fraud mitigation

Rich third-party integrations

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Discover how successful credit unions leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the lending process while keeping pace with consumers’ expectations for seamless digital interactions. Explore innovative ways a modern LOS can unlock new opportunities for your credit union.