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Success story: Capturing top-of-funnel lending opportunities

SSSCU partnered with Origence to leverage FI Connect to unlock embedded financing options directly in the retail purchase process.
man holding a phone and charging his Tesla

As technology advances and consumer behavior continues to evolve, so do the expectations placed on financial institutions. It has become essential for credit unions to leverage new strategies and lending channels to stay top of mind in today’s consumer lending marketplace.

Silver State Schools Credit Union (SSSCU) stands out as a beacon of community support and member-centric operations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Recently, SSSCU found itself facing a pivotal crossroads: how to stay relevant and accessible in an increasingly digital world where online purchases reign supreme.

Enter Origence and their subsidiary, FI Connect.

In a strategic move, SSSCU partnered with Origence to leverage FI Connect, a new finance company created to bridge the gap between credit unions and top of funnel lending opportunities, including EV manufacturers. This partnership unlocked a world of opportunities, allowing SSSCU to leverage embedded financing options directly in the retail purchase process simplifying the financing process for new and existing members. Ultimately, FI Connect provided SSSCU with a seamless integration point for connecting with retailers and EV manufacturers across the country.

Through this partnership, SSSCU saw immediate results, purchasing and servicing over $21 million in EV loans through FI Connect and welcoming hundreds of new members during the soft-launch phase alone. By positioning itself at the forefront of the buyer’s journey, SSSCU can now offer financing options where they matter most: at the point of sale. This not only ensures competitiveness in the digital marketplace but also lays the groundwork for more sustainable long-term growth and membership expansion.

Discover the strategies, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped SSSCU’s journey toward a brighter, more prosperous future in this success story.