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Origence + Sound CU success story

From manual to modern: Unlocking efficiency with document processing automation


In today’s fast-paced indirect lending landscape, efficiency is key to maintaining a competitive edge and fostering strong relationships with dealership partners and members alike. Sound Credit Union (Sound), based in Tacoma, Washington, faced a common challenge among today’s lenders — as loan volume increases, manual processing slows down approvals, leading to delayed fundings and strained relationships with dealership partners.

Recognizing the need to ease the burden on staff and scale operations to meet market demands, Sound turned to their long-time partner, Origence, to implement document processing automation (DPA).

DPA revolutionized Sound’s lending operations by automating manual tasks such as document classification and data verification without increasing risk. This resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in processing time per loan, allowing for same-day fundings. The shift to DPA boosted staff morale, enabling team members to focus on higher-value tasks and strategic initiatives, including building stronger relationships with partnered dealerships. Additionally, in just ten weeks post-implementation, Sound processed over 2,000 loan applications with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Sound’s journey highlights the transformative power of document processing automation in streamlining operations and fostering business growth. By leveraging its partnership with Origence, Sound was able to access the technology needed to stay competitive and deliver superior service to members and dealers.

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