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Auto Shopping // Overview

Auto shopping

Online car buying.
Better member experiences.
Improved dealer relationships.

Welcome to AutoSMART

AutoSMART is the online auto marketplace that lets you provide a digital car-buying experience for your members. Driven by the trust in your credit union brand, AutoSMART provides peace of mind for members when they purchase their car.

AutoSMART provides more loan opportunities for you, while your members receive access to a vast selection of inventory. Through our network of over 15,000 participating auto dealers, they can view millions of vehicles in a single location—your website.

AutoSMART home website

The AutoSMART advantage

Stay top of mind

Be the go-to resource at every stage of your members’ car-buying journey— including financing

Leverage brand trust

Boost member confidence through a branded car-buying website

Customize the shopping experience

Empower your members to find their perfect car through a variety of search tools

Strengthen dealer relationships

Reinforce partnerships with local dealers displaying their inventory

Member certificate

Your credit union-branded member certificate simplifies the purchase at the dealership

Build member loyalty

Offer personal assistance through the car-buying process with Dedicated Auto Advisors

A complete car-shopping destination

Price comparison

AutoSMART displays price comparison for every vehicle listing, offering greater transparency for members. Price comparison benchmarks the vehicle’s price against those of similar cars in the same geographic area and provides a detailed summary. Your members can shop with confidence, knowing that they are truly getting the best deal.

Pave the way to a confident buying decision

Members want the smoothest road to “sold,” and AutoSMART can deliver. With access to a large selection of inventory and the confidence of your trusted credit union brand, members have everything they need to find the car they want.

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