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Indirect Lending

Indirect lending

Tap into the nation's largest credit union auto lending network

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Tap into the CUDL network

Innovative lending

We know what credit unions need to succeed. That’s why our platform offers full control over your credit union’s choice in auto dealers, no per-application fee, and instant pre-approvals for a targeted approach. Don’t waste another dollar or minute on loans that won’t work for you by only paying for the loans you fund.


Discover how our auto lending solution can help drive your business with:

Better pull-through rates with pre-approval solutions

Access to a network of dealers

Access to a network of over 15,000 auto dealers

No per-app fees

No per-app fees; pay only for the loans you fund

Increased loan quality

Increased loan quality with complete control over underwriting guidelines

Faster funding with Smart Approval

Faster funding with our SMART Approval® software, which enables online pre-approval applications through your website

Instant decisions

Instant decisions with our sophisticated decision engine or integrate an external one

High level of service and responsiveness with teams of local client support to manage dealer-lender relationship

Drive more indirect loans your way with CUDL

CUDL is the fully-customizable auto lending solution proven to streamline and enhance indirect origination. Providing you access to a network of over 15,000 auto dealers and complete control over underwriting guidelines, CUDL will bring you more loans and new members to position your credit union for success.

Origence®… a new brand for the future of lending

For 25 years CU Direct has helped deliver a better digital lending experience, increase efficiencies, and fuel growth. With a vision to create the ultimate origination experience, we introduced a new brand for financial institution technology and solutions—Origence. Our new Origence website is where the journey begins…
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Join us for the Elevate Your Indirect Lending Webcast Series

You’re invited to an upcoming webcast series discussing best practices, refi solutions, outsourced loan processing options, and more topics that can help you elevate your indirect lending.
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