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Origence arc MX
[Marketing Experience]

Lead management and marketing automation to boost close ratios

Take the right action when the borrower is ready

Pre-built campaigns for new leads are strategically designed to deliver a consistent follow-up plan for each borrower. When the borrower’s activity indicates entry into the buy zone, marketing automation engages in a manner designed to invoke borrower action, alerting your staff of the opportunity. 

Campaigns are tuned toward first time homebuyers, refinances, and repeat purchases, but can be quickly designed for any purpose with hundreds of pre-built and designed marketing messages. 

Get leads from everywhere and track them to close

Origence arc MX allows your marketing department to embed landing pages, lead forms, and other lead capture tools into your website as well as into other core systems, allowing staff in any department to efficiently send leads to the proper team. Leads are captured and sorted, then follow-up tasks are automatically created, assigned, and scheduled. 

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