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Home equity // Overview

Home equity solution

A powerful, automation-driven solution for HELOC and home equity loan origination

A next generation home equity solution

Featuring seamless integration with our LOS and POS, you’ll be able to process your home equity lending with speed and accuracy. Our white-labeled platform is powered with an “experience-first” UI, taking your member service to the next level.

And with our system, you can lend with confidence, staying on top of regulatory requirements.

A home equity experience you (and your borrowers) will love

Designed to bring users an easier and more efficient process, our home equity solution improves the experience for both borrowers and lenders with:

  • A self-guided application: Users can autonomously complete the end-to-end application without having to speak to anyone at your financial institution
  • Personalized rate quotes: Potential borrowers can easily and anonymously receive a pricing quote pre-application—no log in necessary
  • A complete post-application experience: After applying, users will be taken to a post-app page with their decision, status, and the ability to upload necessary documents

Close home equity loans and HELOCs faster​

Our home equity solutions use automation to streamline home equity lending and increase productivity with:

  • Differentiated workflow: Set up your HELOC and home equity loan processes differently from your mortgage process to streamline fulfillment
  • Automated pricing: Potential borrowers get pricing according to your policies quickly and effortlessly
  • Automated vendor ordering: Automated third-party provider product and service ordering reduces manual touches, paving the way for increased throughput
  • Dynamic application: Configurable application dynamically conforms to the requirements of the chosen loan type
  • Cross-sell eligibility: Based on the applicant’s credit information, our system will offer cross-sell or account opportunities